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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lace-up your way to fall

Hi Chulitas (os). What a beautiful day today, do we agree? A beautiful weekend for that matter!
Ok, let's talk trends now, shall we? Although this particular trend has been around for decades it seems as if the "Lace-up" trend is making its grand debut again and it's here to stay. We have been seeing this trend dominating the runway this past spring to many celebrities like Kim K completely rocking such trend and making it a statement piece.

There are many ways to transition the Lace-up style into the fall without looking like you're trying too hard or too little. Lace-up styles are not only limited to tops,  but we can also see such style in shoes, pants and even skirts. The best way to wear a lace-up top for fall is to add a nice blazer or light trench coat with lace-up heels or even plain pumps will definitely do the trick.

When styling a lace-up top it's best to go the simple route and not overdo it with accessories as this top is already bold enough. As usual, have fun and be confident in what you're wearing it should be fun and effortless!

Top (Easy Pickins) Similar, Blazer (H&M) Similar, Pants (Topshop) Similar, Shoes (Similar)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Stripes for life

Hola Chulitas (os) Today's blog is dedicated to one of my favorite movies, can you guys guess which movie that is? if you guessed Beetle Juice than you guessed right! I have literally watched Beetle juice over 15 times which is a ridiculous amount considering that I usually will not watch anything more than once regardless of how good it was.

I am also a big fan of black and white so this combination was just too perfect to let it slide. Wearing stripes can be a bit of a challenge for many people especially when we've been told for so many years that stripes will make you look wider or shorter. This can indeed be true when it comes to optical illusions and also the way you choose to style it. Same is also true for the fear of looking like a sailor, but than again it's all psychological.

You Don't have to over do it with the striped pattern like I did, instead you can choose 1 piece with this pattern and incorporate it to your outfit for a more bold and versatile look.

Blazer, Tube Top, Pants (old) Similar & Similar, Shoes, Clutch (Old) Similar

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Falling back into fall!

Hello chulitas (os) Hoping and assuming everyone had an amazing and fantastic summer let's jump right into the fall season in style! What are your first thoughts when you hear the word fall? for me, I automatically think of falling leaves perfectly fading into beautiful shades of browns and orange matching my outfits perfectly. I also think of pumpkin spice Latte with Pumpkin bread and long hours at my favorite coffee shop reading my favorite book or simply writing my heart out! Oh, and over the knee boots :)

When transitioning to fall there are many ways to easily incorporate a few summer pieces while still keeping yourself warm for those cooler days. Shirt and sweater dresses will indeed be your new best friend being that they're so comfortable and so easy to style. Over the knee boots will forever be one of those pieces that I definitely can't and won't live without. These boots have the magical ability of transforming any outfit from boring to trendy.

Boots, Shirt, Vest (H&M) Similar, Bag (Local Boutique) Similar