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Friday, October 30, 2015

The Suede pant suit!

Hola Chulitas (OS) Happy pre-Halloween for all those who are in the Halloween spirit and actually celebrate it, I by no means want to offend anyone who does not so I will apologize before hand!  Moving on to today's post, as you guys can see this weather has been playing terrible jokes and it's got me all sorts of messed up with my outfit choices. I don't think I can remember the last time we had 70 degrees weather in just a couple of days short of November.

As I've always stated, embrace whatever comes your way and that's exactly what I did. Lately,  I've been obsessing over the 2 piece pant suits especially when they're suede and earth looking colors.
Not only are these pieces super cute and stylish but they're beyond comfortable. I was getting ready to finally put my sleeveless trench coat to rest, but I guess today was the perfect day to bring this baby out! Of course, you can always wear your sleeveless trench coat throughout the winter months with a warm layer underneath,  I personally choose not to.

Sleeveless coat, Top, Pants, Heels (Giuseppe Zanotti) (Sold out) Similar, Handbag (Coach) (Sold Out) Similar

Monday, October 26, 2015

The bomber Jacket chic!

Hola Chulitas (o) with weather rapidly changing and days becoming significantly colder as expected for this time of the year we tend to sometimes get a little confused as to what to wear. This is the time where it's cooler in the morning but by noon we feel as if summer came right back. for days like these I like to wear a light jacket one  that I'm able to keep on all day without having to be concerned about getting too hot throughout the day.

The bomber jacket which comes in a variety of colors will indeed be your BFF. This jacket is super light, cute and comfortable. As you guys may already know I'm obsessed with khaki colors so it's no surprise that I chose this color. This jacket can also be worn with skirts for a classier look.

Jacket, Jeans (H&M) Similar Top (Marshall's) Similar, Heels  Bag ( Similar

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pop of color into your look!

Hola chulitas (os) On today's post I'll be giving you a couple of tips on how to properly incorporate bright and vivid colors into your outfit to make it stand out that much more without looking like a circus clown. Adding color to your outfit whether it be the accessories, shoes or clothing is always a great idea. Don't shy away from incorporating color (s) just because the "color" season as many would call it is over. When done the right way, color can and will indeed give your look a radical appearance for the best.

The best and easiest way to brighten up your look is most definitely with a winter coat! Not only will the coat add a pop of color to your look but it will indeed make you stand out. The best part about your coat being the pop of color is that you can always take it off and flaunt your outfit whichever way you please almost making it two outfits in one.

Accessories can also be the key piece to brighten up your outfit. When doing so try your best not to over do it and minimize the pieces you choose to be your bold piece. As always, don't be afraid to add pieces that you feel will make your outfit that much better and always have fun when doing so.

Coat (Zara winter 2014) Similar Jeans Top (Jluxlabel) Similar Heels Bag (Local Boutique) Similar

Monday, October 19, 2015

Monochromatic Chic!

Hola Chulitas (os) Almost feels like I have neglected all my beauties with keeping up with my posts and I truly apologize for not updating Immediately especially on this particular blog post.

Today's fit is all about looking sexy, fierce and classy all at the same time while keeping a very effortless appeal. Playing around with monochromatic tones will indeed give your look a classier and edgier vibe and I am one to always stick to the  nude family and by nude I mean color :) 

Although summer has been long gone and we're told not to wear sandals or open toes I'm not one to really stick to rules and regulations, if I feel like wearing it I wear it no matter the season! Of course, you can always opt to wear pumps or even booties with a look like this.

As always don't forget to carry your confidence with you at ALL TIMES, come through and slay that outfit like you mean it :) 

Skirt, Top(old) Similar (Manually make a knot on the front as I did) Coat (Zara 2014) Similar  Sandals(old) Similar Wallet