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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Love Flaws & ALL turns 1

If there is 1 promise I'll be able to keep its the promise that it can't and won't  possibly get any cheesier than this post! Don't judge me, it's my 1st year anniversary and I'm beyond excited.

 Ok, by now you guys probably got the point! I think I'll cut the finger signs now.


Exactly 1 year ago today I came up with the magnificent idea of creating a fashion blog. No, it did not just suddenly happen! There was a lot of analyzing and thinking invested prior to making the decision to go ahead and create one. So why exactly did I start a fashion blog? I can probably sit here and go on and on as to the many reasons why I decided to do so, but I'll keep it plain and simple.   

After carefully  analyzing all the pros and cons of having and maintaining a fashion blog, (which most are cons for me due to my full-time schedule and school at the time) I decided to go for it, not for monetary compensation, not to become Instagram or social media famous, not to get freebies or attend events, I did it for the simple reason of being able to maybe inspire or motivate at least 1 person to see the beauty and uniqueness that we all possess as individuals. I want my blog to be a little more than just fashion, but I'll talk about that in a later post.

Yes, It's an overwhelming amount of work that goes into keeping up with a blog, it's not easy having to get someone to take your pictures when it's freezing or overly hot outside, it's not easy having to write a 400 word post for a magazine and another few hundreds for a personal blog especially when you're beyond tired from your full-time job. It's not easy to always stay on top of trends and have to maintain a daily interaction in social media, IT IS NOT EASY but I'm up for the challenge.

I LOVE dressing up, I love looking and feeling my best, I do it for me, it's my hobby and it keeps me sane. When I first created Instagram 2 years ago, I mainly  posted pictures of my weekend outfits and my favorite beauty pieces and accessories which in return attracted many people with the same interests. I started with 20 followers who were mostly friends and family, within 6 months I reached about 3,000 thousand followers just by random people looking at my daily posts and liking my style. 

I started receiving many requests and questions about styling and where my pieces were purchased, which led me to consider a blog.Within this time, I met Elizabeth Marte, creator of 1 of the most successful and influential fashion blogs who created a path for me in the fashion world. I can't thank her enough for helping me achieve and overcome many of my fears of creating a blog. 

 I receive many emails from individuals who don't exactly feel great about their physical appearance for a number of reasons. Many have a lot of insecurities and feel like they don't have the confidence  to look good in whatever it is they want to wear, often times asking for advice on how to feel good about themselves when wearing something... That right there is reason enough for me to continue doing what I love, being able to help someone even if it's just by telling them what to wear.

I have had indeed many amazing moments in my 1 year of blogging, like meeting great and inspiring people and having the opportunity to write for an online Latina magazine! Never in a million years did I think that someone would like my style enough to have me become a member of their team,  Chicafresh has indeed opened a door for me in the fashion/blogger world and I'll forever be grateful for such opportunity.

THANK YOU to all my 50+ thousand followers for following my journey and watching me grow in this crazy but rewarding experience, thank you for all the amazing comments and likes, thanks for believing in me. 

Pieces worn here are all very old (most) Here are similar pieces. Coat, Pants, Top, Pumps, Clutch

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fashion Week 2015

Day 1 of Fashion week was indeed brutal for me. With single digit temperatures and furious winds that made it nearly impossible to walk. I had no other choice but to add socks to my fur booties, yes, socks!

If you guys have been following me for a while, then you already know that my love for black is real! I decided to go with this kimono style jacket and front split skirt, a fur vest and to add life to this look I added a colorful clutch for a pop of color. You can find this outfit here: Top, Skirt, Booties

My 2nd day at Fashion week was definitely more fashion friendly (not as cold) As you can see, this season is all about Fur (faux fur) I am  definitely taking advantage of this trend.

Don't be afraid of layering your outfit, when done the correct way, it will look amazing, trust me! You can find the items i'm wearing here: Skirt, Top, (it's a dress) Booties, Clutch, Jacket (Similar)

Can you guys tell I'm obsessed with front split skirts? well, I am! I think they're super cute and flirty. you can find it here: Skirt, Boots, Top, Bag (similar)

With the amazing Mexican celebrity designer: Cesar Galindo.
Always a great time to chat with a group of very inspiring and amazing woman. From left to right,
My amazing friend and fellow blogger Yessi, amazing how you can get to appreciate and learn from another person in such a small amount of time. Falicia fracassi, Owner of the prestige chain of lash parlors and T.V host. Shareen Medina, a beauty, fashion & lifestyle blogger. The very sweet Martha Luna who is Editor in chief of Kyrzayda Rodriguez, an amazing and talented fellow fashion blogger. Manuela Luna (Me) expert in ruining group photos with a stank face 1 picture at a time.

Omg guys, Biggest apologies ever for such a long disappearing act from my blog.
As with every other year, Fashion week is definitely the most awaited week for every fashionista, and with it comes the headache, stress and chaos. For many, Fashion week is all about the street style and the diverse fashion that is seen all throughout NYC. For others, like myself, it's a time to appreciate and see the hard work and dedication invested in creating the perfect designs and bring them to life.

I was grateful to be able to experience such incredible event and witness the excitement and fun of fashion week. The Mongol collection was absolutely amazing, the use of raw and vibrant fabrics was indeed my favorite. As usual, the academy of art university which showcases various aspiring student designers completely went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations with their outstanding presentations. I was also able to see some of  Mexican Celebrity designer Cesar Galindo's work, and all I can say is "breathtaking" absolutely marvelous. Great experience indeed.

Color blocking and loving it!

When it comes to color blocking there are no set rules to follow other than making sure to have fun  while doing it. I might, however, have to rephrase that and say that as long as you have minimal common sense and not go out looking like a rainbow, you should be fine. The best way to color block your outfits is to utilize the primary colors (Red, Blue and Yellow) There is a color wheel available if you're feeling a bit unsure or insecure about putting colors together.
There are 2 types of colors: primary, which are yellow, blue and red. Complimentary, which are green, orange and purple. All together they form what is called a "color harmony". All this means is that as far as visual experiences goes, harmony is "pleasing" to the eye, It's a balance in the visual experience. When color blocking, your goal should be to create a simple yet chic look utilizing statement pieces and bold colors. You can start with your two main colors, a neutral and a bright. Your next step will be adding accessories.
Relax Chicas! You no longer have to match your top with your belt and shoes, that is so 1990's. You will not be fined or ticketed for not having matching colors. Let's break a few rules.
You can always let accessories do the talking! Using bright and bold colors while accessorizing will definitely brighten up your look. Don't be afraid to use a few bright or pastel colors during winter months, you'll get extremely bored of wearing all black and brown all season long.
I know that the idea of pairing bright colors might sound or even look a bit insane at first, but you can definitely start by taking baby steps into color blocking. Shown above are very basic color blocking colors, but the print of the bag and a pair of killer heels makes it stand out that much more.
Chicas, remember, color block only means creating a look using complimentary and contrasting bold and bright hues of colors together. Its really not that hard.
There are endless ways and a variety of colors to choose from when color blocking. When done the right way, it can totally be a head-turner, just make sure to have fun with it. Blazer from Zara with a similar version from Target can easily be paired with a pair of red pants from forever21 and leopard pumps from Finish the look by accessorizing with a Similar print bag from Newlook

The boyfriend jeans obsession!

So what exactly is all the talk and commotion about the so called "boyfriend" jeans and why are so many girls having such a hard time adjusting to this trend? If you're one of those out there that are feeling this way and beyond terrified to look like an alien marching its way down the spaceship, just know you're not alone. In fact, there are many girls that won't even consider the possibility of trying on a pair.
Let me make one thing clear Chicas before I continue my attempt in persuading you onto letting  go of the Boyfriend Jeans fear:  boyfriend Jeans are in no way, shape or form meant to give your body a voluptuous shape with an apple bottom! Actually,  they're supposed to do the complete opposite. Think about it this way Chicas, it's like you're stealing your boyfriend's jeans, literally! So yes, they're intended to look big, so if your concern is looking a little masculine and somewhat messy, then you're absolutely on the right track. There is always a twist to almost everything in life, fashion included! Your Boyfriend jeans don't have to necessarily be big, as long as you have a straight leg cut with a few 'rips' (optional) and not extremely body hugging, then you've got yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans with a twist.
boyfriendLike mentioned above, Boyfriend Jeans does not necessarily have to look too big or even feel big. When on the hunt for a pair of these super loved jeans always go up at least 2 or 3 sizes, if  you don't want them looking too "baggy" just go up 1 size.
This look by all means should look comfortable and effortless. Don't try too hard to incorporate pieces that will make the outfit look too "busy". The main focus should absolutely be on the jeans.
When it comes to accessorizing,  you might want to limit yourself to the minimum. Just choose one main item to make it your statement piece, either a big chunky scarf, a floppy hat, metallic heels or a cute handbag.
Always have fun when trying to put pieces together, think outside the box and incorporate pieces that speak your style and personality, you'll end up loving the results, for sure!
feaGive those skinny jeans a rest and hop on the boyfriend wagon. Jeans from H&M with a Similar pair Here will go great with a sweater from Gap and a white blazer from H&M with a similar version Here. A nice addition to this look were definitely these metallic Giuseppe Zanotti pumps with a cute Quilted bag from Armani Exchange with a similar version Here.