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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fashion Emergency survival.

OMG, We're literally just a few hours away from celebrating a new year and for many of us this means a new beginning and most definitely a new journey to success. With every new beginning, there is always a list of resolutions that we certainly look forward to checking off. Whether it is to lose weight, answer texts faster, drink less, live more or whatever the case might be, sometimes we tend to make unrealistic resolutions and end up quitting before even starting! That should not be the case when it comes to fashion resolutions.
I can almost guarantee that nearly everyone reading this post has an unbelievably amount of clothes, shoes and accessories that have not been worn or used in the last 8-12 months and if that's the case, then you my friend have some serious cleaning up to do and the best way to start is to sort out all the things that you definitely NEED and a few items that you definitely WANT.

The first step towards having a successful life is being organized (literally). Same applies to the "fashion world'' your first fashion resolution should definitely be organization, it'll let you find things faster and believe it or not, it will save you at least 5 minutes in the morning when you're rushing trying to get somewhere fast. Let's start with the shoes, if space is a problem and having too many shoes is an issue for you, this shoe storage chest will neatly fit up to 12 pairs of shoes right under your bed.
A great way to keep your daily outfits in order to find them in advance and  immediately is to have at least one of these hanging shelves. Theses are conveniently stacked with an open front for easy view. You can also keep your daily essentials like pajamas or tank tops.
This Acrylic Makeup organizer will indeed be your new BFF! it's great to keep all your favorite makeup in one place. You can also utilize this to store buttons, pins, or any small necessities that you might have.
Which better and stylish way to keep your jewelry organized than with this little black dress jewelry organizer? This piece conveniently hangs to help maximize space and swivels for easier access to your favorite pieces.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Chic & Comfy!

Coat: Zara (Sold Out) Similar: Here Shoes:Flyjane Jeans:Abercrombie (I made Extra holes) Top:Abercrombie Bag:Shoedazzle (old) Similar:Here

Although a somewhat delayed christmas greetings, I truly do hope everyone had a fantabulous time with their loved ones. Santa was indeed very nice to me this year, but to be completely honest I really don't care much about the gifts! I do however enjoy (a great deal) being with my family, as I don't get to see them often and when I do it's an unbelievable amount of joy and happiness.

Am I the only one to feel that winter is playing all sorts of games with us? Not too long ago I was bundled like a sausage burrito ready to be enjoyed by a very hungry caveman (Literally) now I am dressed as if it was fall or spring all over again. For days like these I like to be very comfortable and take advantage of not having to wear too many layers, ripped denim has always been my "to-go" piece when i just want to be comfortable and look chic. A buttoned down shirt can indeed go hand in hand with the casual look you're trying to pull off. Heels are definitely optional, as you can opt to go with sneakers or booties instead.

As you guys probably already noticed, I'm not a huge fan of jewelry but adding your favorite pieces can indeed complete your look.  For handbags, you can either go with a clutch or a mini luggage like I did, just because I truly needed everything I was carrying inside. As usual, have fun with what you're wearing and incorporate your own pieces to make it unique.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A gift that everyone will love.

And that 'oh merry' wonderful time of the year is right around the corner (Literally). With so many relatives, friends and significant other it can become a real hassle to get them exactly the gift they want and need. The easiest way to tackle everyone on your list is to separate them by category (fashion, fitness, beauty, nerd, etc) And lets face it, sometimes it doesn't really matter how we organize it, holiday shopping for some strange reason doesn't seem to get any easier, especially when we leave everything for last minute.
When looking for the perfect gift doesn't matter for who, you want to always make sure that the recipient feels special. Personalized gifts like a gift basket based on the person's interests (wine, spa, gourmet) will show that you invested a great deal of time and thought to make that gift memorable. You certainly do not have to spend all your life savings on gifts and I'll show you how.
For the fashion addict: If there is one thing that we all would have to agree on is how extremely difficult it can be to shop for the fashion obsessed, either she has it all or what she's been obsessing over for the last decade is extremely expensive and hard to get! Well, I think I found the perfect gift for that type. This Celine inspired structured handbag is not only classy and big enough to fit everything, but the price tag of $74.99 VS $2,500 will leave your pockets happy and her heart smiling. You're welcome!
For the fitness Lover: As we all know fitness and fashion go hand in hand, If there is something your fitness lover friend or relative will appreciate is a basket loaded with gourmet snacks and food that are low in fat and calories.
For the beauty Guru: I'm sure we all have that friend who needs to have all the latest beauty products. This glitz and glam kit will definitely deliver all that and more.
For Co-workers: This camera lens mug is the perfect gift for the office girl who's always rushing to get things done, the mug is suitable for both hot and cold beverages.
For the Book Lover: Which better way to show your love and appreciation to that one friend who loves to read other than with an infinity scarf the literal way? sure you can get her a great book, but this will be unique and cool.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sweater/Leather Chic

Dress: Shopbop Cheaper version:NastyGal Beanie:Target Faux Leather Jacket: Bebe (old) Similar: HERE Booties: Both old (peep toe pair, I wore with socks) Similar: Here & Here

Hola guys :) So, is everyone just about ready for X-mas? is everyone nearly broke and has not even completed all their holiday shopping? Don't worry my friend you certainly are not alone. I was actually thinking of creating a blog with a few helpful tips on how to save money and how to efficiently get all your christmas shopping done, but unfortunately time was not on my side. I did however create a few posts on holiday shopping and gifts all on

Winter has officially made its grand entrance today and as we all may be aware that means that we have to layer up and try to keep ourselves as warm as possible, to which I agree to a certain extent! What I mean by that is, that will not stop me from looking cute and freeze my cute self "just a little".

Sweater Dresses are not only trendy and chic, but they're one of the most needed winter wardrobe staples. There are many ways to style your favorite sweater dress, whether it be with stockings, leggings, jeans, skirts, etc, the option is ultimately yours. To give this look a "rock-er chic" vibe I decided to add a faux leather jacket and booties, and to spice up the look I added a beanie. As always, when it comes to accessories,  you can play around with them and see what goes best with your outfit.

The Chic Girl holiday style!

What's not to love about the very so fabulous chic style? I mean when you have it all in one outfit: elegance, class and style, there is absolutely no way anything could ever go wrong. This holiday season you can dress any way your heart desires, but why not add just a sparkle of chic to make your look even more awesome. Dressing chic in no way means that you have to dress in a particular way or follow scripted rules and regulations. The "chic" style is all about being feminine, classy and having self expression, in other words it's all about YOU what defines you, what you're comfortable wearing and what flaunts your shape best.
What I love most about the chic style, especially now for the holidays when we want to save as much money as possible for those special presents is that you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve the look you're going after, is that by adding timeless pieces from your closet and a few "fancy" accessories, you'll indeed have your look ready in no time.
For this Holiday season all you have to do is add key pieces to your outfit to give it that "festive" feeling. A gold skirt, a red blouse or shiny/sequined accessories will definitely do the trick.
Whether you have a favorite type of skirt or not, this piece will be the ultimate essential item for crafting a sophisticated and polished look! So go ahead chicas and bring out your skater, A-line or pencil skirts and start having fun styling it.
Like mentioned previously, you can incorporate flashy and "christmas" like colors. however, by no means you have to look like a christmas tree. You can choose one key color (Red,white, Gold) and work around those tones.
As usual, don't forget to accessorize! A simple ring or bracelet depending on the pieces you're wearing should be just fine. A nice clutch or handbag will add that extra touch of chic, and of course the shoes will ultimately complete the look. You can definitely choose to buy all or some of the pieces I used to create a similar chic look! A similar skirt from (KnowKnow ) at Sheinside can be worn with a strapless  or beaded top from (10Spot) similar at F21. To make a bold statement you can add a Faux leather jacket from CharlotteRusse a Pair of Christian Louboutin pumps and a inspired chanel clutch from Shopdreamdust.

The Girly Girl holiday style!

With the holidays in full bloom and parties and events approaching, we're all suddenly trapped in a huge ordeal debating on what to wear. Let's face it chicas, it doesn't really matter how much clothes we have in our closets, the infamous excuse of having nothing to wear will always haunt us! Sounds familiar? Yes? Well, no worries, you're not alone. Perhaps the most difficult part of it all might be to find that one piece that will make us unique and stand out from the rest. With almost every store filled with sparkly dresses and sequined fabrics you just wonder how you're ever going to be able to look different.
When you're out shopping for holiday outfits or any other occasion in general, look for pieces that "speak" to you, for pieces that will make you feel special not for pieces that are necessarily trending or "In style".  Learning how to set your own trend or fashion style can be somewhat challenging but you must be willing to take that first step. 
Was the first thought that ran through your mind that of  a "ballerina"? It's perfectly fine, this ultra feminine piece can and should be your "IT" item this holiday. It's not only fun and flirty but it can be styled in various ways making you look and feel gorgeous.
With deep and rich textured colors dominating the streets this season like Burgundy, Maroon, Cordovan and oxblood there is indeed a need to incorporate these into our holiday outfits whether it be accessoriesshoes, or clothing it'll definitely give it that pop of holiday color.

And the big question still remains,  can I continue wearing crop tops in winter? The answer is a big double yes!! if you feel intimidated by wearing them, you can simply choose to wear a tank top underneath  with your choice of color. When wearing crop tops you do not necessarily have to "bare it all" by doing it in a nice and tasteful way you'll definitely captivate an audience.
So there it is chicas, don't be afraid to expand your horizons and experiment with different styles. This Tulle skirt by Space46can be found in a variety of colors and lengths. A similar crop top by missguided will be the ultimate staple to your look when styled with a flirty handbag from  NecessaryClothing and ChristianLouboutin Pumps with a similar budget friendly pair from Jeffrey Campbell.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gifts under $50.

After the black Friday and cyber Monday madness chances are you're on the verge of going insane trying to figure out how to make everyone on your holiday list happy while still saving money, and we all know that can be quite a challenge. Trust me! I know the feeling and it can be overly overwhelming and stressful to say the least, but don't panic! Luckily for us there are tons of affordable gifts out there for you to shop on a budget and that everyone on your list will appreciate.
One very important detail that you should always keep in mind when shopping on a budget is to forget about labels and focus more on the person's likes and interests. Remember, what really counts at the end is the thought and dedication invested in looking for that perfect gift.  Whether you're shopping for your significant other, your picky friend or your "sometimes-annoying" siblings there will absolutely be something for everyone.

This mini Emergency kit is complete awesomeness in a bag! It's not only compact enough to fit in an everyday handbag, but it also has all the essentials needed to survive any fashion emergency, and we all know that can be serious!! It can be purchased at Sephora as well as PinchProvisions.
718There is no way to go wrong with a sweater! EVER! and for only $20 you might as well grab 1 for each of your friends and family. This fine knit sweater is both stylish and warm, great  buy indeed.
This little gadget is pure perfection and great for anyone on your list! We can all make great use of this rechargeable battery with a universal wire that can charge Apple products, Smartphones, Androids, Samsung's, Blackberrys and eReaders. The recipient of this super cool gift will thank you forever.
avon soc copy

This is the perfect gift for the girl that's out and about and always on the go. These golden foldable flats are not only super cute, but they're padded to give extra comfort and it comes with a cute pouch.
If there is one thing everyone needs in these very cold winter months is to keep warm and what better way to do it than with these leather gloves with knit sleeves? They're the perfect gift for anyone on your list, cute and stylish indeed.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stripes x Feather

Well hello there my wonderful ladies and gents! so before I get all excited and into this post just a quick FYI. I have been receiving a few e-mails and comments on IG asking about why I no longer post all the outfit details on the blog and why certain outfits don't appear on the blog. First, I do apologize for the confusion and misunderstanding! I did in fact say that some of my outfits will be posted on which is a website that I recently began working with. There,  you will not only find Some of my "OOTD'S" but you will also find other fashion related posts that I have created. However, all those blog posts that are not immediately seen here on my blog, will be posted here 2-3 weeks after it has been published on the chicafresh website.

Todays post is all about mixing fabrics and prints. Lately I've been all about the pattern mixing, perhaps it might be because I'm becoming just a tad bit bored of the winter attire (and it's not even winter yet :()  There are indeed many ways to incorporate different prints into your outfit  without looking too over the top or trashy.

When mixing prints always look for subtle and bold patterns, when doing so try to minimize the amount of accessories or jewelry you wear, this can make your outfit look as if you're trying too hard. I have previously posted a few other outfits mixing prints, you can check them out and maybe get some inspiration. So go ahead and give it a try, i promise you'll love the outcome.

Shoes:Flyjane Coat: Sheinside (old) Similar:Here Dress: (worn as a skirt) Bebe (old) Similar:Here Top: H&M (old) Similar:Here Clutch: Marshalls (Similar): Here

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ugly Holiday Sweater! would you wear it?

So what exactly is the big commotion and craze behind the ugly Christmas sweater? Is it the comically large prints of reindeer, snowmen and all sorts of Christmas applique or perhaps just a huge holiday statement odd enough to make you stand out? I mean isn't a sweater a garment that has been around for decades? If that's what you're thinking, and your thought is completely correct, let me just fill you in on the latest trend (which by the way has been around for quite some time now). Whatever the exact reason behind this now very popular trend for the holidays,  it's definitely worth knowing how it started and why it's become so popular. Back in the day and even now, what we label as "ugly" used to be one of those typical gifts we would receive from either our grandparents or even parents (myself included) because they thought it was just too adorable. Now that same sweater has become a popular theme for holiday parties where the uglier the sweater the better you look. In a way I think it's a brilliant idea because you won't have to worry about what to wear, and it will be about the only time where looking odd is totally acceptable.
mattyEven celebrities like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Matt Damon and many many more have been in on this trend, so please not even for one minute think you're alone. (Pictures from MTV.COM)hmJust because these sweaters are labeled as "ugly"doesn't  mean that we can't style them to make them look as cute as possible! I mean isn't that what fashionistas are for? You can definitely wear this as chicly as possible with a pair of denim, clutch and cute boots, no need to worry about looking "weird" Remember, it is an ugly sweater after all.lakersThere are Ugly sweaters even for the sports fanatics, it definitely does not get any better than this. This colorful woven design and rib-knit accent for a timelessly terrible look!perroEven your pet can join the fun, It just wouldn't be fair to leave them out the ugly x-mas sweater tradition. Believe it or not there are many options and places where you can shop for ugly sweaters for your pet, there is no excuse to exclude them.targetAre you the creative type and want to be the oddest one of all at the party? Well, there's an Ugly Christmas sweater kit just for you! You can now rock your very own personalized sweater.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gifts ideas for your partner in crime.

Looking to turn it up just a notch this holiday season? Perhaps still thinking about what to get your stubborn BFF who never seems to be satisfied? you've definitely come to the right place. If you're finding yourself stranded and without an idea of what to get your bestie, don't worry you're not alone! Sometimes finding the perfect gift isn't that simple especially when the person is super important to us. Remember not to get frustrated, this should be simple and fun!
Sure, you can always take the easy route and get your BFF a gift card or even maybe a few bucks in an envelope and call it a day, but we all know that's not the way it's done, at least not the proper way. Let's stop being lazy and lets  get creative and use our imagination, you'll be amazed of how many things you can find or even make.
As per the season, the ultimate statement coat or sweater even maybe a great book will definitely make them love you even more. Whatever you decide just make sure it's completely relatable to him or her, something that he or she will enjoy and utilize as well.


Who doesn't love a super cute and trendy piece that is also budget friendly? This black Faux fur Mossimo vest and a Drapey sequin tank will make for a very special gift, both from target.

This military-minded cape with a high neck and faux leather trim will keep her warm and in style. This statement coat is definitely an eye-catching piece, You can thank me later!

This has definitely got to be the ultimate gift set. It's one hundred looks tucked into one perfectly packaged box. This mix and match set is perfect for any fashionista and I can guarantee you she'll never complain about not having earrings again, EVER!
This chunky knit hooded scarf is far beyond perfection and unique. It's not only a great holiday gift but it's super trendy and cute.

I mean how super duper adorable is this leopard print cosmetic case? perfect size to fit every girls makeup needs, and we all know every girl needs one!
These very cool cozy knit slipper socks are the perfect gift for that BFF that likes spending time at home. The details and colors are a perfect gift for this holiday season.