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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Glam Up!

Knowing how to captivate an audience is an essential skill, but knowing how to captivate it with the right looks is a whole other story of its own. You must not only need to have the proper attire, but you will most definitely need the attitude and confidence to go with it. I am a true believer that in order to look good you must feel good and comfortable with what you're wearing, always make sure to feel 100% in order to look 100%. Every season the racks are filled with new fun trends that makes us want to grab it all and just wear it at once, but nailing your chicest look is all about selecting the right pieces at the right time.

For this look I was particularly looking for a conservative look with a chic twist.  I opted for this below the knee Vinyl skirt with a crop sweater,  I added a statement necklace which is a superb accessory,  provided its the star player in your look.  You want either no earrings or simple studs at the most.

I could not had finished this look without my favorite pair of pumps, which added that final spark with the cut/outs of the shoe.

Skirt: http://HM.COM Top: H&M similar here: Top Shoes:  L.A.MB Harley pumps by Gwen Stefani (old) Nude color Here: Pumps Necklace: Bebe (old) similar Here:Necklace

Friday, February 21, 2014

Work In Style.

It’s definitely been a long and tough week yet rewarding in many ways, one of them being that I managed to finally get myself organized in terms of personal schedule, I’m always all over the place. Hope everyone had an awesome week, TGIF, right? So, after receiving many emails and questions about what is a proper attire for work, for those of you who work at an office or any other work setting that does not require using uniforms. I decided to give some hopefully helpful and useful tips. As for myself, I wear scrubs on a daily basis so I never get the pleasure of dressing up. 

There are many misconceptions about work attire and how you should look. For starters, I am not saying that you should dress like you’re getting ready to walk the runway, but you should definitely not dress like you're getting ready to go work at the barn. There are many options many of which can be totally versatile and comfortable. 

You can never go wrong with Skirts and a nice buttoned down shirt, Do keep in mind the length of the skirt. Pant suits are also a great way to look great and feel comfortable while doing so. dark washed denim with a blazer is also a way to go just be careful which denim you choose, boyfriend jeans will definitely be a terrible idea. 

Try avoiding the excess cleavage, tube tops and strapless dresses, flip-flops, fabrics that crease easily, straw totes, anything that you would wear to the park or beach is a huge NO,NO. I believe that Every woman should have a shift dress in their wardrobe, dont be afraid to wear black, even during summer months. Sneakers, while fine for your commute, are too informal for a traditional office. When you want to kick off your heels in favor of a pain-free day but still look stylish, a comfortable flat is essential. As seen in the above pictures you can wear something similar not only to work, but also for gatherings, dinner or any other after-work activities.
Skirt: H&M (sold out) similar Here: Pencil Skirt Top: Guess (old) similar Here:Top  Coat:TopShop (old) Similar Here:Coat Shoes: (Sold Out) similar here: shoes  Bag:f21 (old) similar Here:Bag

Monday, February 17, 2014

Le' Travel in Style.

Hey beauties, hope everyone had a great day whether at work or home due to the holiday. This will most likely be one  my favorite blog posts due to the fact that I love to travel and when i do so I like to travel in style. I know, call me crazy, But I must look awesome when traveling, YES, in heels.When doing this make sure you take some comfortable flats of course. Whenever I travel I like to wear comfortable yet stylish clothes being that every time I reach my destination, I usually like to take a tour of which ever my final destination will be without having to change clothes. In this case, I was traveling to Miami and being that white and nude has recently been my go-to color I decided to mix the two and create a fun/chic look. I paired this look with my new favorite nude pumps which made it look delicate and clean. If you're confused on what to wear when traveling just make sure to always have a nice blazer/jacket and nice shoes and or flats.
Shoes: (sold out) from similar here Nude Pumps and Here Nude Pumps Jacket: (sold out) similar Here:Faux Leather Jacket
Handbag: Coach stores fall collection 2011 (sold out) find it here Coach ashley scarf: H&M similar Here:Scarf Hand Carryall: Local Boutique. Sun Glasses: Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Split Sec.

Well hello there gorgeous, how's everyone doing today? I'm great and super happy to be alive and enjoy just another awesome day. So, for todays OOTD I've created a look that is both chic and conservative with a twist. Lately, as with everything else I've been somewhat obsessed with coats in general, but more so with the houndstooth style. Here I decided to pair my black and white notch stand collar/ oversize coat with a center front split faux leather skirt and some booties for that chic/rock effect. For accessories I went with a statement necklace and an oversized taupe clutch. 
Coat: skirt: Turtle neck Sweater: Necklace: @michellys_boutique Clutch: Booties:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dare to bare Nude.

Have you guys noticed through my instagram posts that recently I have been wearing a lot of pastels/nude tones, black/white colors? I feel that nude tones works well for most women because there are so many shades and fabrics to choose from. It has a soft, elegant energy that's very pretty and very feminine, it's timeless. Anyone can wear it, it just depends on the shade. Light complexions should look for more of a rosey, pinky shade, where as darker tones can go more taupe. For this look, taken few weeks ago in miami, I wanted to take advantage of the weather and wear something delicate and just right for an afternoon with your significant other.
Sweater: Skirt: Local Boutique similar here; Shoes:

Loving Lacey.

How are you guys feeling about this insanely annoying winter storm we're having? I hate every single minute of it for many reasons, one of them being that i'm stuck in my apt :( anyways, being that I have all the time in the world today to do some blogging why not share with you guys a spring/summer attire? maybe we can forget about the weather for a slight second. This outfit is perfect for any occasion, whether it be a night out with the girls or on a special date. As much as I love skirts just a little FYI for my fellow "shorties"petite ladies, long skirts and even many pencil skirts will make our legs appear shorter than what they really are, in this case due to the cut and shape of the back of the skirt it didn't really flaunt my short legs. In cases like this try go with sky high heels or platforms to give your legs a longer effect. I did not follow my own rules because i injured my ankle and it was hurting badly and i did not want to over do it. (btw) yes, it was freezing cold, don't worry i did have my coat.
Skirt: @michellys_boutique Top: Shoes:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A love affair with Tulle!

Tulle Skirt: Top: http://H&M.COM Shoes (christian Louboutin)http://Neiman Marcus Necklace: @michellys_boutique.
This has without  a doubt been one of my most loved outfits of all times. Not only do i LOVE tulle skirts, but i'm also a huge fan of lace designs, so you can just imagine how excited i was about being able to combine both. I ordered this skirt from an online store specialized in tulle skirts (@space46boutique) and my skirt was indeed made to perfection. There are many ways to style tulle skirts, one of which can be as styled above, you can give it a punk/rock-ish look by adding a leather biker jacket, or if maybe you are looking for a more sophisticated fun look, you can add a blazer or a jean jacket, if you're looking to keep it casual, just add a t-shirt, i mean, options are endless.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dark Night.

Pants:  Long Blazer: T-Shirt: http://H&M.COM Boots: Necklace:
For this particular look which i would describe as casual with a touch of chic i wanted to go for something dark with a pop of white, the idea behind it was to be comfortable but at the same time look nice and trendy, like I’ve stated in previous posts, the key to looking edgy/chic without trying too hard is to layer up with accessories that will lighten up the outfit and make it look fabulous. As you can see here i paired my Faux Leather leggings with a simple black t-shirt, a statement necklace and my thigh high boots, for the pop of color i decided to go with a white long blazer to keep the look clean and fresh.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Wk

Dress:http://BCBG.COM Pants: Blazer: Shoes: (Brian Atwood)
Omg guys, can't even begin to explain how excited i was to be part of this amazing event, as we all know and "carrie" once stated "every year the woman of  new york leave the past behind and look forward to the future...this is known as fashion week." And that was certainly true for me, don't get me wrong, its not all so glamorous and perfect as we may all picture it, but you will certainly see celebrity sightings,people dressed like complete freaks on purpose, the best and worst hair styles, the funkiest outfits, overall a great experience. For this particular event i decided to go for a comfortable yet chic/modern look. I wore a long sleeve dress with contrast sheer chiffon panels at bodice, sleeves and back with a side slit, leather pants with zippered slits and a tux blazer with leather trimmings. To complete this look i wore my white meshed booties and a long black coat with gold colored buttons (not pictured here).   

Friday, February 7, 2014

White Wonderland.

Lately I have been a little on the obsessed side with my love for skirts, especially pencil skirts. Pencil skirts are not only comfortable, sexy and chic but are also fit for any occasion.  the revival of  pencil skirts that has continued to walk down the runways during the past few seasons has me "awe-struck.  I guess the bigger question is, “Is it really a trend?” After all, if something is figure flattering, allows you to feel fabulous and can be paired with a limitless list of other items, isn’t it safe to call it a foundational piece of a woman’s wardrobe? I guess so :)

top: HM  skirt: @michellys_boutique similar here or, I was a bit skeptical about ordering from as the reviews i read were not pleasing at all, but i just needed to have those shoes in my life, the original version of these are "Kanye West" for Giuseppe Zanotti but are unfortunately completely sold out.